About us

Waste24.net is a system that has been continuously developed since about 2015. when its first version appeared, it has since evolved into the role of the first SaaS system for the waste industry in Poland. Nowadays, the software is used by many representatives of the industry and it increases the number of its users each month. Waste24.net works online and does not require investing in existing computer infrastructure. The web app can be used on any computer with the Internet access. The solution that we are pleased to present to you consists of several modules that are responsible for areas of activity of a municipal waste management company

What areas of activity does Waste24.net improve?

Rental of waste containers, fences and toilets

The Waste24.net software for municipal waste management companies acts as an aggregator for all orders handled by a given company. It can be used to create instructions that are then sent to employees in the form of paper printouts or are visible in the app for drivers. The number of complaints decreases and the level of service increases thanks to Waste24.net. Orders do not disappear in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day operations that require constant attention. Our SAAS has full integration with BDO portal and data from the Central Statistics Office. This helps to avoid errors in contact details and environmental reporting.


Off-site work is not the easiest thing to do. This is mainly due to the climate, which is not the most pleasant in our part of the world. Stocktaking in the traditional form is hindered by precipitation and wind, which can make it difficult to keep notes. That is why we have created a solution that meets your needs. The “Cataloguer” app works regardless of the weather and can automatically convert geographic coordinates to the address of the real property. The software generates a virtual map of the stock in the area. Each entry in the virtual stocktaking register can be supplemented with a photo and your own comment.

Support for regular customers

Waste24.net has a “route” module. The same orders do not need to be duplicated repeatedly and can be modified on an ongoing basis. Our system proves its worth when it comes to fulfilling the contracts concluded by our clients and improves the quality of service. This fact is appreciated primarily by entities that deal with cyclical collection of municipal waste. Waste24.net lets municipal waste management companies make their work more organised and predictable. This allows to optimise costs and increase profitability of operations.

Settlements with contractors

Waste24.net is perfect as an invoicing programme. When doing so, the programme not only takes care of their correctness, but also ensures that all orders are charged properly. The use of municipal waste management software reduces the number of not issued invoices and increases the profitability of individual business areas. SaaS for municipal waste management companies also enables automatic sending of invoices via e-mail and control of payment dates.

Delegation of orders

Waste24.net introduces new standards in the work of dispatchers. By using the “Driver” app, they can pass the tasks “remotely” and keep track of their progress. This service, which our clients have access to, makes it possible to increase efficiency and optimise work effectively. An even workload for staff means a fairer distribution of responsibilities and the opportunity to complete more tasks in the same amount of time.