Cataloguer App

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“Cataloguer” Mobile App

is a modern tool for keeping an inventory of bins, containers or toilets. It runs on Android system and uses state-of-the-art technology.

Our mobile software allows for much faster and more accurate off-site stocktaking.

The app generates a virtual map of resources, which can additionally be supplemented with photos.

People who work with our tool appreciate it for its precision and flexibility.

You can switch the app into software at any time. This allows, for example, to assess the quality of segregation.

Main advantages of the app

Fast operation

“Cataloguer” app is based on the the experience of logistics experts. Time is of great importance here, that is, stocktaking must be carried out quickly, as it is usually needed for a specific purpose. Our software helps speed up the work of the off-site staff, it can convert geographic coordinates to the address of the property and report the progress of work in real time.


In the end, each stocktaking produces data contained in a comprehensive report. It will allow to draw conclusions from the work performed and give the opportunity to correct irregularities. Waste24 is capable of generating summaries of stocktaking operations. Data can be saved in PDF format or exported to MS Excel. The stocktaking completed in this way can be used to provide reports to your clients or for further analysis.

Adaptation to the current client needs

“Cataloguer” app can be managed via Waste24 software. It is an integral part of it and can be used according to a predetermined template. The employee who initiates it can specify whether it should use the existing stock as a starting point or whether it can be entered separately. This type of solution offers the possibility of a more flexible view on issues related to the methodology of the process itself.

Clear messages and simple to use

Even less experienced users can handle the “Cataloguer” app. It takes no more than 5 minutes to learn how to use it and the process from visiting a given point to saving the information about it takes about 20 seconds. This makes off-site work much less time consuming and eliminates the need to engage many workers.