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“My Waste” app

“My Waste” app is one of the first solutions on the domestic market to automate the waste collection schedule.

With our solutions, it takes the form of a mobile app that is designed for Android and iOS users.

Among the many advantages of the app, it is worth mentioning those that directly determine its usefulness for local governments and their residents.

mobile schedule app

Capabilities of the “My Waste” app

Clear presentation of the waste collection schedule

The “My Waste” app allows you to view the waste collection schedule and check when the particular type of waste will be collected. Thanks to this feature, you can check at any time and anywhere when the communal service will come at the given address. This reduces the involvement of the employees of the Commune Office in answering the constantly coming enquiries about the schedule of waste collection.

Push reminders

At many addresses, bins are located away from the boundary of the property. In many communes of our country, bins must be placed in front of the house, otherwise they will not be emptied. If you want to do this effectively, it is worth getting the appropriate reminders. The “My Waste” app has a mechanism of automatic reminders that can be freely personalised. Our product makes it easier to remember your chores and makes them more enjoyable.

Waste directory

at a time when the disposal cost of one ton of municipal waste with code 20 03 01 is inevitably approaching the PLN 1000 limit, it is worth implementing appropriate segregation. Unfortunately, among the piles of articles of everyday use, many of them raise serious concerns as to which bin to put them in. Our waste directory, which is an integral part of the app, can help in the correct waste sorting.

Reporting irregularities

even when the residents fulfill their obligation, which is to put the bins in front of their properties, it may turn out that the municipal company will fail to empty them for some reason. In such a situation, any person who installs “My Waste” will be able to send a complaint to the e-mail address defined in the product. This will allow for a faster response on the part of the Office and prevent the issue from escalating.

Ad marketplace

from the point of view of the Waste Disposal Act, the priority in environmental protection is to reuse what is no longer needed. It becomes much easier with the “My Waste” app because our mobile software has an implemented ad marketplace. Residents of a given area can therefore exchange any items and thus limit the stream of waste flowing to landfills.

Facilities for the visually impaired

The “My Waste” app has a version for the visually impaired which makes it more comfortable to use. Thanks to this, all residents of the commune can be included in the group of users.

More information can be found on the website especially dedicated to this