Offer for waste companies for municipal waste collection companies

This is the first software for municipal waste collection companies operating in the SaaS model in Poland. We invite all of you who want to have an effective tool for the automation of management processes to cooperate with our company.

Our system consists of web software and mobile app designed for field workers. Access to all data and software features is therefore possible at any time and from any computer. Thanks to such facilities, it is possible to smoothly coordinate the work of the subordinate team.

Waste24 will fulfill its role not only in the waste industry. Our product is also a great opportunity to improve the functioning of individual areas at entities letting mobile toilets and fences. The low implementation costs and the enormity of added value that comes with the implementation of our software make it a solution that meets the demands of the 21st century.

Fundamental system functions

Dispatch module

“Dispatch” module for municipal waste collection companies is one of the first Waste24 features. It was developed on the basis of its predecessor and its main task is to create a database of tasks which can then be divided and assigned to individual drivers. “Dispatch” module is paired with the “Driver” mobile app which runs on Android and iOS systems. It shows not only all tasks but also waste transfer notes. Waste24 is fully integrated with BDO (Database on products and packaging). It allows you to download data you need from the portal and create new records on it.

Billing module

The aforementioned tools are integrated with the billing module which works as an advanced invoicing system. Completed jobs go directly to it which excludes the risk of errors and unsettled tasks. Waste24 has the ability to automatically send invoices and manage payment deadlines. This type of solution that is seamlessly connected to the logistics module is a novelty in the municipal waste collection industry.

Stocktake module

The “Stocktake” module is responsible for controlling the company’s stock whose job is to aggregate information on the location of e.g. waste bins. The input data appears in the software as a result of the use of the second of our apps, the “Cataloguer”. Mobile software allows you to convert geographic coordinates to real estate addresses and take photos of inventoried items. Our products let you process any amount of location points and generate a layout for their placement on Google maps.

Routes module

“Routes” module will be useful for businesses that provide their services in a recurring manner. So if your company collects waste on a given day every fixed number of days from a given company, all data on this service can be contained in Waste24 . Our solution eliminates the need to manually duplicate the same templates and prepare similar environmental documents each time.

Great advantage of Waste24 is the possibility of tracking the progress of works in real time which directly contributes to the improvement of the analytical view of all issues related to the company. Companies which decide to purchase the license will not only reap the benefits of the improved performance of their team and have better asset control, but the need for their involvement in environmental issues will also significantly decrease.